2016:  James Madison and the Margins

In September 1787 while waiting for the arrival of others, James Madison began drafting a blueprint which would eventually be known as the Virginia Plan.  The Virginia Plan proposed a bicameral legislative branch and set the stage for creating the idea of representation according to population.  Madison was no stranger to these questions haven already given long study to historical forms of government, much of it in solitude at his home in Montpelier, VA.
While not a behavioral scientist, James Madison knew his man; or better said he knew the tendencies of men and women by studying the various forms of governance and the corresponding behaviors.  His review of past governance failures challenged him to devise and propose a new system which would promote the best outcomes while minimizing the worst outcomes.  His ability to arrive at his personal conclusions and thereafter propose and have them accepted are central elements to what makes America great…

Summing up 50 years post high school......

Like others, I ventured out of OTHS (Oakwood Township High School) 50 years ago looking for some unearned freedom and ran right smack into Viet Nam.  I luckily survived that experience and in the process found a vocation and set some goals.  
To achieve what I set out to do I became a student for real.  As I did medical things in the military I did that kind of work during school, married a sweetheart who became my 1st wife and eventually prepared to embark on a new career.  Turns out the new career start and the end of the 1st marriage arrived nearly at the same time.
I worked in several jobs picking up good experience and also met my 2nd wife who has been my wonderful partner over the last 32 years.  I continued in a rigorous career of managing healthcare usually doing assignments less attractive to others but appealing to my tastes.  
In 1994 I had my first symptom of cardiovascular heart disease that continued to worsen through 2005 when I decided after 40 years, I needed to stop …

The Interesting Birthday Party

In 1975 I graduated from UCLA with a Masters in Public Health/Hospital Administration.My first paying job as an administrator was as an assistant administrator at Santa MonicaHospitalMedicalCenter.One of my departments supervised was the Les Kelly Family Clinic for the community.Quarterly I met with Les personally and gave him an overview of operations and how many clients we were able to serve as a result of his generous donation for which we named his clinic.
You will likely know of Les indirectly as he founded a service to evaluate the value of used cars known as the "Kelly Bluebook". He was a nice guy and he also built the lake for the Bell Air Country Club so he ran in celebrity circles.
The story is about a birthday party we hosted for Les at the hospital Auditorium.I won't bore you with the details but one example is while walking through the group I bumped into a guy that looked familiar playing an accordion which turned out to be Lawrence Welk.
At some point…

Let’s see, how much time did I spend on yard work today? Let me break it down:

1) 10 minutes calculating that I could prune a limb from a tree and Jean would not notice it until way later;

2) 10 minutes prepositioning the tools and ladder to reach the limb;
3) 5 minutes cutting (including 2 minutes thinking I may have dulled the chain saw cutting out a tree root buried in the dirt last time)
4) 2 second to determine that the limb would not be falling in the direction I previously calculated;
5) 5 minutes clearing brush and tools;
6) 1 second for Jean to spot the blood smear when she discovered the “project-in-progress;”
7) 10 minutes wound debridement, cleansing and bandaging;
8) 10 minutes to finish and put up tools;
9) 1 second to self-congratulate myself and walk back into air conditioning thinking it went pretty well this time……LOL

Healthcare Liberty Rights….

Personal healthcare is so; well, personal when it touches you as an individual.It really lights the lights of protest and is ripe for sound bites.The one that gets me a little edgy is the cry that individual rights are infringed with any plan that is related to health care and people should be allowed to make all their decisions unilaterally.I have a sympathetic ear for such concerns but in reality there is a catch and it is likely you will not hear much about it because it sounds radical or uncaring.
You hear a little piece of it when you read a boring spending statistic that Medicare spends the greatest amount of one person’s lifetime care costs in the last six months of life.The tricky unknown in the formula is calculating exactly when your personal last six months of life begins.Real boring stuff unless it is your life, a loved one or you are saddled with the payment policy to fund the spending.

Here is the unpopular point; when the person who unilaterally opted out of funding his/h…

Ah darn!! Hoodwinked again….

Well I thought I was doing the right thing and generally speaking I was right.But even right these days comes with a risk analysis involving a risk-reward curve.Honestly, I always knew the ham for my daily ham sandwich was packaged in something but always kicked the can down the road about thinking much about what it might be.Yes, eating low fat ham is a better choice than a lot of choices but my time of reckoning has arrived.Darn it!
“The World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) has just completed a detailed review of more than 7,000 clinical studies covering links between diet and cancer. Its conclusion is rocking the health world with startling bluntness: Processed meats are too dangerous for human consumption. Consumers should stop buying and eating all processed meat products for the rest of their lives. Processed meats include bacon, sausage, hot dogs, sandwich meat, packaged ham, pepperoni, salami and virtually all red meat used in frozen prepared meals. They are usually manufactured w…

I love you Aunt Bobbie…

In the summer of 1971 I returned home to the IL area with my wife Susie Mundinger-Yates. We traveled a nice route which included several of her relatives but also mine and a little tour of “places” that you show people trying to give them an idea about your early life.

I was 24 years old, a 4 year military veteran, was a licensed clinical professional, successfully returned to college, had been accepted to a California University in the fall, had a little money, driving a new sports car and married to a nice attractive woman. In short, I full of myself!

I sported hair then I would find longish today and a full red bed which I wore for several years. I was not doing this for some political statement or meaning, it was just me perhaps relaxing standards after a military stint. But at the time during the anti-war era, judgments were made about such folks and what they stood for based on appearance. Perhaps I forgot this as I made my way from California College to the Mid-Western culture.