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The Interesting Birthday Party

In 1975 I graduated from UCLA with a Masters in Public Health/Hospital Administration.My first paying job as an administrator was as an assistant administrator at Santa MonicaHospitalMedicalCenter.One of my departments supervised was the Les Kelly Family Clinic for the community.Quarterly I met with Les personally and gave him an overview of operations and how many clients we were able to serve as a result of his generous donation for which we named his clinic.
You will likely know of Les indirectly as he founded a service to evaluate the value of used cars known as the "Kelly Bluebook". He was a nice guy and he also built the lake for the Bell Air Country Club so he ran in celebrity circles.
The story is about a birthday party we hosted for Les at the hospital Auditorium.I won't bore you with the details but one example is while walking through the group I bumped into a guy that looked familiar playing an accordion which turned out to be Lawrence Welk.
At some point…