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Let’s see, how much time did I spend on yard work today? Let me break it down:

1) 10 minutes calculating that I could prune a limb from a tree and Jean would not notice it until way later;

2) 10 minutes prepositioning the tools and ladder to reach the limb;
3) 5 minutes cutting (including 2 minutes thinking I may have dulled the chain saw cutting out a tree root buried in the dirt last time)
4) 2 second to determine that the limb would not be falling in the direction I previously calculated;
5) 5 minutes clearing brush and tools;
6) 1 second for Jean to spot the blood smear when she discovered the “project-in-progress;”
7) 10 minutes wound debridement, cleansing and bandaging;
8) 10 minutes to finish and put up tools;
9) 1 second to self-congratulate myself and walk back into air conditioning thinking it went pretty well this time……LOL