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Healthcare Liberty Rights….

Personal healthcare is so; well, personal when it touches you as an individual.It really lights the lights of protest and is ripe for sound bites.The one that gets me a little edgy is the cry that individual rights are infringed with any plan that is related to health care and people should be allowed to make all their decisions unilaterally.I have a sympathetic ear for such concerns but in reality there is a catch and it is likely you will not hear much about it because it sounds radical or uncaring.
You hear a little piece of it when you read a boring spending statistic that Medicare spends the greatest amount of one person’s lifetime care costs in the last six months of life.The tricky unknown in the formula is calculating exactly when your personal last six months of life begins.Real boring stuff unless it is your life, a loved one or you are saddled with the payment policy to fund the spending.

Here is the unpopular point; when the person who unilaterally opted out of funding his/h…